Wash basin types

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Different types of Washbasins

The bathroom basin is something we come into close contact with several times a day, so it not only needs to look great but also should suit your lifestyle and bathroom use. Multiple basins are perfect for busy families who use the bathroom at the same time.

1) Wall hung basins

Wall hung basins are fixed directly onto the wall with brackets, creating a minimalist and spacious look. Many basins come with full pedestal and semi pedestal to cover the unsightly pipework.

a) Full pedestal wall hung basins

This is the classic basin that most people would think of when they imagine a bathroom. While it appears that the basin is supported entirely by the pedestal, it’s actually mounted on the wall.

If you are really short of space it is worthwhile considering a wall hung basin.

Various sizes from 16” to 30 “ are available –

Price- ranging from Rs. 2700 – Rs. 7000

b) Half pedestal wall hung basins

The semi pedestal basin is completely wall mounted, as the name suggests, is only half the size of a full pedestal & only there to cover the pipework under the basin. These basins save space by eliminating the standard pedestal design and creating more floor space underneath, allowing you to use the underneath for storage or just to remain clear and create the illusion of more room. Half pedestal wall hung basins are designed to give you maximum functional utility.

The only drawback of wall hung basins would be, you cannot mount it to the wall if there is any room beneath the basin. You can go for another style of basins mentioned below if that's the case.

Price- ranging from Rs. 3000 – Rs. 10000


2. Under countertop basins

A style that is becoming more popular is the Under Countertop lavatory, which offers a smooth profile with solid-surface, and is easy to clean. Under countertop, lavatories are attached to the undersides of countertops, vanities or console tables. For installing these types of basins platform is necessary, granite is mostly preferred choice.

The top of the lavatory is covered by the countertop, so only the inside of the basin is visible. They are practical and discreet, reducing clutter and bringing a sense of openness to your bathroom.

Price- ranging from Rs. 2000 – Rs. 10000

Tabletop basins

This type of basin sits on top of a vanity unit or worktop, so it appears almost as if it’s a separate bowl that could be picked up and moved. This can create a very modern and luxurious look and can suit a wide variety of bathrooms.

Price- ranging from Rs. 2500 – Rs. 30000

Countertop basins

A Countertop basin also is known as the semi-recessed basin is partly sunk into a vanity unit or worktop, so that only the rim or the front part of the basin is visible. This means the pipework is also hidden within with the unit.

These types of basins are stylish and sleek compared to the Tabletop basins.

Price- ranging from Rs. 2290 – Rs. 8000

Choose from our wide range of wash basins in a style to suit your bathroom suite.

The Basins are available in different Shapes at materialtree.com

a) Rectangular

b) Rectangular Oval

c)Rectangular Square


e) Square