How Cut and Bend TMT Rebars are manufactured

Dec 13, 2022 / By System Admin / in TMT Steel

What is Cut and Bend TMT Rebar?

Cut and bend TMT rebar is a machine fabricated TMT steel rods, that are bound to long tmt rods providing them structural support during the building construction process.

How are cut & bend tmt steel is different from conventional TMT steel?

In cut & bend steel, a range of shapes & bar angles can be achieved precisely as per your requirements with the help of specialized machinery at a lower cost. In the case of manual bar bending, room for steel wastage is much more and consistency cannot be maintained due to the unskilled labors and traditional tools used for bar bending. It should also be noted that manual bar bending is a time consuming and labor intensive process, thus increasing your expenditure. You can know more about the difference between cut & bend steel and conventional tmt here.

How is cut & bend TMT rebars manufactured?

As said earlier, specialized bar bending machines are used to bend the tmt rods as per customer requirement. Watch the below video to know how cut and bend rebars manufactured.