Types of Showers

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Have you ever just stood in the rain? Taken the time to feel natural waterfall gracefully onto your face?

Bring your very own rain-cloud to your bathroom to create a truly relaxing, spa-like setting in your home. You have many options to choose from. A shower is one of the first things you notice when you step into a bathroom, so make sure your enclosure not only matches your style but also accentuates your bathroom. Choose your style wisely.

Different types of showers-

Wall-mounted and Ceiling-mounted Shower Heads

These showers are fixed directly to the ceiling, the shower head becomes part of the bathroom architecture, which gives the rainfall effect and the Ceiling or wall kit must be ordered separately.

Wall mounted showers

Overhead showers are perfect for a small shower area. The angle of the shower head can be adjusted to direct the water in the most comfortable position.

For maximum design freedom, choose a ceiling-mounted showerhead. Unlike an Overhead shower fixed to the wall – either directly or with a shower arm – the location of your shower is unrestricted.


What is a rain shower?

A rainfall showerhead can be installed in the ceiling of the shower for a true rainfall experience. There are many shapes and designs with multiple materials and finishes available such as steel, chrome, and brass to suit any bathroom design.

Things to consider before you fit a rainfall shower-

a) For maximum comfort, the shower head should be located at least 20 cm above the head of the tallest person in your household.

b) To control the flow and temperature of your shower water you will need a concealed thermostatic shower valve or a concealed shower mixer.

Advantages of a rainfall showerhead

a) You get a gentle, relaxing shower.

b) Great style and flair.

c) More coverage in your shower. With a large and even rain shower head you’ll always be covered and have a great shower every time.

d) There are more options for you. The more advanced rain shower heads have multiple spray pattern to choose from. More choices let you pick the shower spray that fits you and your mood.

Feel like a strong hot shower? Choose the drenching rainfall. Feel like a long meandering, stress melting shower? Choose the water saving trickle and never feel guilty about using too much water. Sore and stiff muscles? Choose the pulsing rain massage and wash that soreness away.

What is a hand/ body shower head?

Designed to detach from the fixed or adjustable wall mount, hand held shower heads are very versatile.

The head is attached to a flexible hose which is connected to the water outlet. The head then rests in a clip mount on the shower wall or attaches to a fixed shower arm.

In some cases the head can be a little loose or flimsy in the wall mount with the water turned on high. To combat this there are newer ‘combo’ designs that incorporate both a handheld showerhead and a fixed wall shower head. With the twist of a knob or press of a button, you can switch between the best of both worlds, or have both heads activated at once for total immersion.

The handheld shower design is becoming very popular due to its flexibility and additional style they can add to a bathroom. Many material finishes are available such as chrome and brass.

Advantages of a handheld showerhead

a) Wash where you need it. No more performing acrobatics to wash in those hard to reach places. Simply unhook the shower head and move the shower to you.

b) Great with small children. Washing kids in the bath or shower are so much easier when you can gently direct the water spray onto your children. Washing and rinsing the soap away effectively whilst keeping yourself dry (well, as much as possible).

c) Best of both worlds, fixed and unfixed. With a sturdy wall mount fitting or a combo system, you can have the best of a fixed wall mounted shower head and a flexible unfixed handheld shower.

d) Helps with low water pressure. If you have low water pressure from the mains pipes or tank, then being able to bring the shower head closer to your body will help you have a much better shower. Being able to move the water flow to the relevant area of your body to rinse, even with lower water pressure you can still have a great shower.

e) Great for washing pets. Save time and money by using your shower instead of a dog washer. Also, washing your dog at home might help with any anxiety they might have about being washed. Sometimes, the outside wash just is not possible due to weather or space – but the handheld shower gives you an inside option. Just give your shower a good clean once you’re done.

f) Easy to clean your shower. Simply spray your shower walls and glass with your ordinary bathroom tile and glass cleaner then rinse off – one of the most dreaded chores becomes almost too easy with the unfixed head.

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