Types of flushes

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Different types of Flushes

A flush is a mechanism used to clean the toilet in pressure. The toilet flush takes your job of cleaning the toilet pans and keeps it aqua clean. Clean restrooms promote good health.

PVC flush tank/ Standard flush tank

Familiar to most homeowners, the standard flush toilet's rectangular tanks fill with 6 liters of water, flushes by the handle and automatically refills. When a standard flush tank quickly empties its contents into the bowl, pressure changes in the siphon tube and forces the bowl and its contents to empty. Although generally the least expensive type of toilet, a standard flush toilet uses the most water per flush.

A PVC flush tank may or may not come with dual flush, dual flush toilet cisterns handle solid and liquid waste differently by giving the option to flush. It is more economical, easy to install and are available in different colors.

Concealed Cistern

The cistern is the three-dimensional part of the toilet that holds the water before it flushes. As the name suggests, a Concealed Cistern is a type of flushing cistern that's fitted within the wall, behind a Ledge wall, or within a Cabinet, popularly known as wall hung toilets. They can be accessed through a button panel (technically known as an actuator for maintenance).

Concealed Cistern is a dual flush system which contributes to a cleaner, more elegant looking bathroom toilets and fulfills all the functions of a regular close-coupled system, where you can improve on the ambiance of the restroom and easy to maintain. It is the better option to install a concealed cistern than a standard flush tank, as it is more aesthetically pleasing. A ledge wall of 8 inches (pre-wall) would be built against the flushing cistern while installing a Concealed Cistern.


a) Space Saver

b) Aesthetically more pleasing

c)Dual flush 6/3 liter

d)Ledge wall of 8 inches to be constructed for installing.

e) Suitable only for western style commode.


Flush valve

Metropole flush valves are basically a modernized flush cock used for toilets by just pressing the valve. They are widely used in public places like malls, theaters, hospitals etc. Nowadays people also prefer to use them in their houses because it is easy to operate.

The flush valve is a mechanism used to flush a toilet or urinal while a flush tank holds fluid in reserve for flushing. A flush valve releases water from the toilet tank/overhead tank and into the bowl.

These toilets do not require a tank, unlike the cistern or PVC flush tank. The water enters the bowl directly from the building's water supply piping. When the toilet is flushed, a special one-way valve is opened to bring fresh water into the toilet bowl. The flush valve has a flapper that creates a watertight seal. This helps the toilet retain water until it is flushed. As the user flushes the toilet using the lever, a chain connected to the lever raises the flapper at an angle. When the flapper is raised, the fresh water from the tank rushes down into the toilet bowl. It saves more space, more money and water consumption for flushing is also less compared to the PVC or Concealed Cistern.

Features of a Metropole Flush valve

a) Saves Water- Impressive Dual Flush with a provision of 3/6 liter flush.

b) Less Noise- Technically advanced, silent flush valve and fast-filling hydraulic float valve minimizes the flushing sound during usage.

c)Perfect Pan Cleaning- Heavy and even water discharge during every flush at every water pressure. It mixes air with water to give a soft and splash-free flow.

d)Easy to install and maintain- The water supply comes through the wall and connects to the tank. This is regulated by a trip lever, which is triggered by the tank ball. It also cuts the water feed the moment it reaches the fill line, which is the same as the volume of the tank.

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