Plastering Sand Size | Cement Sand Ratio for Plastering

Nov 27, 2018 / By System Admin / in Coarse Aggregates , TMT Steel , Fine Aggregates

What is plastering M-Sand? What is its application?

M-sand/ Manufactured sand is a fine aggregate, produced by crushing suitable stones. The crushed stones are further finely graded to match the requirements of the sand that is used for wall plastering purposes and also tile laying purpose.

What is the size of plastering m-sand?

The plastering M-Sand granule thickness/ sieve size is 150 microns - 2.36 mm and it adheres to IS Code - 1542: 1992. (Read More)

What will be the cement sand ratio for plastering?

The cement-sand ratio for wall plastering (12 mm thickness) would be 1:4 i.e., for one part of cement four part of sand.