Msand and Crusher Dust Difference

Apr 11, 2021 / By System Admin / in Fine Aggregates

Difference between Msand and Crusher Dust (CRF)

M Sand

Quarry Dust

Also known as Manufactured Sand, Robo Sand, Grey Sand. Also known as CRF, Stone Dust.
Cube Shaped. Flaky and Elongated.
Msand is manufactured as per IS, BS, ASTM Standards. Crushed dust is a waste product from m-sand production.
Manufactured in 5 stage process using a vertical shaft impact crusher. Non-controlled manufacturing process.
As per IS 383 - 1970. Passes Zone 2 standards. Does not adhere to IS standards.
Highly recommended for concrete, RCC, and masonry works. Used for filling works like pavers. Not to be used for any concreting.
10% better concrete strength than river sand. Lesser concrete strength and lower durability.

You need to be extra cautious while buying m-sand since few suppliers sell adultered m-sand that are mixed with crusher dust. It is very difficult to differentiate them when m-sand and crusher dust are mixed together.