How to Shop Bathroom Faucets

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How to Shop Bathroom Faucets

The Faucet is known as the jewelry. The right faucet can add a special look to your bathroom. Different designs, styles, and features allow you to dress up and personalize your space. Explore the options and learn what to look for in your next bathroom faucet.

Certainly, you'll want a style that suits your decor but there's also the configuration to consider, the type of finish it has, the kind of use the bathroom typically sees and the configuration of sink the faucet will serve.

Now let us discuss their usage type and standard size so that you are confident before buying the products.

There are various style and design available. Homeowners can choose from this varied style depending on their bathroom interior style and budget.

1. Full Turn

a. For Basin

Knobs used for hot and cold water traditionally were full turn knobs where the flow of water pressure was controlled by turning on and off the knob. Full turn faucets for basins are usually fitted on the sink. They are suitable for the single hole and has one handle or two handles, where the user can turn the knob fully to run the water.

b. Bath / Shower

Generally, bath/shower faucets are wall mounted unlike faucets for basins. Wall-mounted faucets require a separate wall-mounted valve and drain for installation. They won't work with basins that have prevailed holes. The spout is long enough for adequate basin clearance, check that the sink is deep enough to prevent water splashing on your floor or countertops.

2. Prismatic

These are the taps with technology that allows only a fixed quality (750 ml) of water to flow with every press of its knob. This mechanism not only prevents water wastage during each use but also provides ease of operation.

a. Sensor Faucets

The sensor operated prismatic faucets with a standard predetermined timer which controls water flow for every usage. This allows water to flow only when you need it and shuts it as soon as you move your hands away.


3. Quarter Turn

It does not only make the entire experience of using a faucet better, but also helps reduce water consumption without compromising on the water pressure. Today, the full turn knobs have been replaced by quarter turn knobs that have a cartridge instead of the vicar. The quarter-turn knobs enable smooth movement and are more durable than basic tunable knobs.

4. Single Lever

The Single lever faucet mixes hot and cold water by soft smooth movement of a single lever. Thus easy to use and you can adjust its flow & temperature at the same time. Single lever mixers can work on both high and low-pressure water systems.

5. Wall Mixer

Wall mixer is a single unit fitted on a wall that has hot and cold water knob and a common spout attached together. There are basically two types of wall mixers- 2 in 1 wall mixer and 3 in 1

2 in 1 wall mixer comprises on two features i.e. an overhead shower and an attached unit of the spout and hot and cold water knob. Whereas  3 in 1 wall mixer comprises on three features, i.e. an overhead shower, a spout unit (like 2 in 1 mixer) and a telephone or hand shower.

Since wall mixer is installed on the wall, the unit can easily be changed or repaired when needed. Wall mixers are quarter-turn knob and are usually installed at 36" from floor to enable sufficient space for bucket filling.

Diverters or Single Lever Diverter

Diverter also knew as Single lever Diverter are compact and space efficient units. Diverter gets concealed inside the wall where the spout and the lever (knob) are different parts, unlike wall mixer. Since all the functional parts get concealed in the wall, there only an aluminum sheet with lever, spout and overhead shower visible. The spout of the diverter is generally installed 18" from flooring. Therefore the distance between spout to the bucket is quite less as compared to wall mixer spout.

Difference between wall mixer and Diverter

a. Wall Mixers:

Wall mixers are only used in the bathroom which has a provision for both hot and cold water. It has 3 separate levers to control the water flow in spout and shower.

b. Diverter Valves:

They are an alternative for wall mixers and comes in many variants. The latest design from this industry is revolutionized and easy to use. The primary reason for using diverter valves is to avoid using bulky wall mixers and operate the same functions using just one lever. Through that lever, you can operate both shower and spout. The size of the valve is 1 Inch in the standard which is 25 MM.

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