How to install laminate wooden floors?

Nov 28, 2018 / By System Admin / in Flooring

How to install laminate wooden floors?

Laminate flooring is a versatile alternative to other floor types since it can resemble their look while also offering significant strength.

Install durable, easy to clean laminate flooring. Most of them can install an entire room with laminate flooring in one day.

Tips for laying laminate flooring

a) Laminate flooring is a high-gloss and is too slippery - which would be a concern if you have young children in the house. To reduce the slipperiness, go for laminate flooring with a textured, matte finish.

b) At Materialtree.com, we provide matching nose stripping for all of their floorings.

Below are the instructions for floor installation step by step:

First, you choose the type of foundation on which laminate flooring shall be installed, keep in mind that not every primer is suitable for use with a variety of laminate floors.

Installation of the floor on the floor of a stone:

The substrate should be even, dry, clean and appropriately durable. In the case of inequality than three millimeters perform filling and leveling screed. To protect against moisture it should be placed on the floor PE film.


Installation of laminate flooring on the floor with wooden boards:

All loose boards must be secured and irregularities leveled - primer should be bound and deprived of inequality. These flooring laid across wooden boards. In the case of a wooden sleeper use PE foil, it is not necessary.

Laminate particle board:

Loose chipboard must be secured and all unevenness. Particle Board should be securely attached to the base to prevent tipping during use.

Installation of PVC laminate or linoleum:

Laminate flooring should not be installed to PVC or linoleum. All such coverings must be removed before laying the laminate floor.

Installation of laminate flooring to underfloor heating:

Before starting work properly heat the floor to dry. For this purpose, please contact a specialist with the experience and skills required. It is recommended that the surface temperature of 25 °. It is not permitted surface temperature above 28 ° C. It is necessary to remove the old flooring.