Cement Buying Guide

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Cement Buying Guide

Cement is a binding substance which can set and harden independently or with other aggregates. Cement quality has a direct implication on strength of the concrete. Pointers below will help you in the better purchase decision


43 Grade, 53 Grade, and 33 Grade are grades of Portland cement available in India. Cement grade indicates their compression strength after 28 days. The speed of construction and initial cement setting time decides the cement grade. 53 Grade OPC cement is used in RCC Structural works where initial high strength and the fast setting is required. 43-grade cement is used in Brick Masonry, Plastering and Flooring work.


The Ideal color should be greenish grey and should be uniform in Colour spread.


It should be in fine powder form, free from granular lumps.

Company and Certifications:

ISI Certified cement should be used for construction purposes and buy reputed brands in the market.

Packaging and Expiry:

Each bag should carry company identification logo, the weight of the cement bag, license No, manufactured date, and ISI Mark. A cement bag which is more than 90 days old should be retested according to IS Code requirements The cement bag should be non-tampered, machine stitched and neatly packed.


Cement is sold in 50 Kgs packing. Cement prices are daily fluctuating and you should check prices at least prices from 3 to 4 outlets to get the best prices.

Naked Eye Test:

Cement should give cool feeling when the hand is inserted into the cement bag. Cement, when dropped in a bucket of water, settles down and does not float on the water surface. Cement should be free from lumps.