What is BOQ - Bill of Quantity?

Apr 11, 2021 / By System Admin / in Construction Design , Construction Cost , Pre Construction

Bill of Quantity - BOQ is a detailed statement prepared by the cost consultant (often a Quantity Surveyor) that provides project-specific measured quantities of the items of work and materials with the prices as per the drawings and specifications of the Project.

The quantities may be measured in number, length, area, volume, weight or time. Preparing a bill of quantities requires that the design is complete and a specification has been prepared. The BOQ will have the complete list of materials starting from Aggregates, Sand, Cement, Steel to Paints, Flooring, Electrical, Doors and Windows, Fabrication etc. It is basically extracting the actual quantities from the drawings and specifications provided by the Architect / Structural Consultant and calculating the cost of each item considering the current Market Rates / Standard Rates. Labour rates can also be calculated for each item of work based on which the Tenders are prepared and Quotations are requested by the contractors.

Why BOQ is required?

1. For accurate Planning and Budgeting of your construction project.

2. For issuing Project Tenders to Invite Quotations from Contractors

3. A BOQ can provide a clear and extensive statement of the work that is to be completed, and a reliable base for budget control and accurate costing and acts as a preamble for the exact specifications of work to be executed and the materials required

4. To clarify the quantities - Right quantity of materials can be procured for the required work at the right time.

5. To compare and choose the Right Contractor who offers the Best Prices for the Project.

6. To get the complete break up and Understand the Project in terms of Finance, Quality, Schedule and Design without any ambiguity.

Types of BOQ

1. Civil BOQ – Statement of Quantities and Rates of All Civil Work and Materials

2. Electrical BOQ – Statement of Quantities and Rates of All Electrical Work and Materials

3. Plumbing BOQ - Statement of Quantities and Rates of All Plumbing Work and Materials

4. Total BOQ - Statement of Quantities and Rates of Complete work (Civil, Electrical and Plumbing) and Materials required for the Project.

What is BOM - Bill of Materials?

Bill of materials is a detailed statement prepared by the Quantity Surveyor by calculating only the materials quantities, specifications and rates as per drawings and details provided.

Requirements to prepare a BOQ / BOM

1) Architectural Drawing - a) Working plan / GFC, b) Elevation drawings c) Sectional Details

2) Structural Drawings - Footings, Columns, Pedestal, Lintel, Plinth beams, Roof beams slabs, Chajja / loft, Staircase details etc.

3) Doors & Window details

4) Grills & Railing details

5) Plumbing and Electrical details -Materials

6) Lift details

7) Compound wall details

8) Sump tank details/ Required capacity

9) Material Specifications