Peena Concrete Guard

₹385 / unit

n today’s times, Value conscious consumers are willing to pay more for special products, which exclusively suit their needs. Understanding this consumer behaviour, we developed Penna Concrete Guard (Penna Concrete) as a premium product offering in the market. This cement is specially formulated and based on re-engineered pozzolonic cement  to provide high performance concrete. Superior characteristics of Penna Concrete such as including lower heat of hydration and improved workability (enhanced flow due to fineness of particles) among others, make it ideal for use in diverse concrete applications. The product is packaged in premium tamper proof Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) bags and is specifically targeted at Individual House Builders (IHBs). Dedicated technical support would be provided to the IHBs for construction of their  ‘dream home’.


SKU: pencg

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