Coromandel King PPC Grade Cement

₹680 / Bag(s)

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SKU: SW-195-A0-A1

Categories: Cement, Portland Pozzalona Cement (PPC)

Coromandel King PPC Grade Cement

Coromandel King PPC Grade Cement is a product from India Cements Ltd. India cements has more than 10 plants with a manufacturing capacity of 15.5 million tons. Coromandel is a brand with rationale value offering reassurance for the strength and durability of cement and provides value for money. A brand most popular in all metros. Trusted by all, it's a favourite brand of Engineers & Architects. Coramandel cement is avialable in Coromandel King 53 Grade cement and Coromandel 43 Grade cement as well

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